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Sunday, March 26

OCHA: 553 checkpoints and obstacles checkpoints in the West Bank

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Days of Palestine – West Bank

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that 553 Israeli checkpoints and obstacles are spread in the West Bank, where the length of the Apartheid Wall reached 465 km, destroying thousands of dunams of citizens' lands.

In OCHA's report on the way in which the restrictions imposed on citizens' movement, among other restrictions, deepen humanitarian grievances in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The report said that checkpoints of the Israeli occupation restrict the movement of vehicles and Palestinian citizens, and they are varied as 154 of them are set up on the roads, and 108 partial barriers "not permanent," and 71 permanent checkpoints constantly stationed by soldiers.

According to OCHA, the Israeli occupation forces have deployed 86 earthen berms and 68 road barriers, while 49 obstacles have been placed on roads, in addition to 20 earthen walls.

All these checkpoints, with all their names, work to disrupt the daily life of those who move between population centers, including with the exception of Jerusalem and the area under the occupation’s control in Hebron.

The Israeli occupation authorities implement strict inspection procedures at all times at checkpoints built along the wall or on the roads leading to occupied Jerusalem or the occupied territories in 1948, and only Palestinian pedestrians with special permits are allowed to pass through them.

These checkpoints prohibit the vast majority of the population from reaching the areas behind the wall the "seam zone" and Jerusalem while controlling the access of those holding special permits to these areas or to their places of work in the occupied interior.