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Wednesday, March 22

For the fifth day in a row, Israeli violence resulted in 21 injuries among Palestinians in Jerusalem

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Days of Palestine – Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces assaulted 21 Palestinian people during the clashes that erupted on Saturday evening in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources reported that confrontations continued with the occupation forces for the fifth consecutive day in the area between Bab al-Amud and al-Sahira after the worshipers started leaving Tarawih prayers.

They added that the Israeli police began suppressing everyone in the “Bab al-Amud” area, which they were trying to empty and disperse any Palestinian Jerusalemite gathering there, through the use of force. 

They explained that it fired sound bombs and rubber bullets after reinforcing the presence of its forces on the scene.

For its part, the Palestinian medical teams reported that they dealt with 21 different injuries during the confrontations that erupted last night at Bab al-Amud and al-Sahira.

They added that among the injuries; 4 with rubber bullets, 9 with stun grenades, 2 as a result of the beating by the forces, and the rest of the injuries were due to panic.

They explained that one of the paramedics was severely beaten by the Israeli occupation forces, which led to his injury in the leg.

Yesterday, the Israeli police removed their iron barriers from the Bab al-Amoud area, but returned them in the evening, to continue the clashes last night, in which "Arabists" intervened, and arrested three minors.