Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

Palestinian Prisoner’s Day: continuous suffering behind bars

Days of Palestine -

The Palestinian Prisoners' Day comes this year and there are still 4,500 Palestinians distributed in 23 prisons and Israeli detention and investigation centers, in difficult circumstances.

According to statistics published by the Prisoners' Institutions, among the prisoners are 41 girls, most of them in Damon Prison, in addition to 140 children and minors distributed in the prisons of Ofer, Majdou, and Damon.

The number of old prisoners arrested by the Israeli occupation before the Oslo agreement reached 25, the oldest of whom is Karim Yunis and Maher Younis, who has been detained continuously since 1983.

Among the prisoners, 62 have passed 20 consecutive years in the Israeli occupation prisons, and they are called "deans of prisoners."

Israeli occupation still arrested 543 sentences of life imprisonment, and the highest judgment among them is the prisoner Abdullah Al-Barghouti (67 life sentences).

There are also 440 prisoners under the clause of "administrative detention," which is a sentence without an explicit charge, and is based on the so-called "secret file" that the "Shin Bet" intelligence service presents to the court. The detainee and his lawyer are not allowed to view the file.

The administrative detention order can be renewed more than once, and its duration ranges from two months to six months, and it can be extended.

About 550 prisoners suffer from various degrees of diseases, and they are in need of close follow-up and health care, including at least 10 prisoners with cancer.

The number of martyrs of the captive movement has reached 226 since 1967, in addition to the martyrdom of hundreds of them after their liberation due to diseases they contracted inside prisons.

According to the statistics; Of the captured martyrs, 75 were martyred as a result of the deliberate killing policy, 73 as a result of torture, 71 others due to medical negligence, and 7 after they were shot directly.

During the past year, four prisoners have been martyred in prisons due to medical negligence and torture. They are Nour al-Din al-Barghouti, Saadi al-Gharabli, Daoud al-Khatib, and Kamal Abu Waar.

As for the number of martyrs whose bodies are kept by "Israel", it has reached 7 from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.