Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Israeli forces detain nine Palestinians from West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Israeli forces Sunday carried out large-scale detention raids across the West Bank, detaining nine Palestinians, according to local and security sources.

In Hebron, the occupation forces arrested the citizens, Asaid Ismail Hussein Al-Awawdeh, from Dura, and Ismail Fawzi Al-Tarwa (30 years), from the town of Sa'ir.

In Jenin, the occupation forces arrested three young men from the town of Qabatiya, Mahmoud Ahmed Khalil Abu al-Rub, Muhammad Tayseer Dhiab, and Muhammad Kamil, in their twenties, after they raided their homes, searched them, and tampered with their contents.

In Bethlehem, the occupation forces arrested three young men from the village of Harmleh, Fadi Adel Atallah (22 years), Ibrahim Wajih Sabah (23 years), and Hamza Awad Atallah (24 years).

In Ramallah, the occupation forces arrested Yusef Alyan, from Jalazoun camp.

This comes within the daily arrests campaigns practiced by the occupation forces against Palestinians in the West Bank, as well as campaigns of house searches and destruction of properties.