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Saturday, April 1

Al-Rishq: No Election without Participation of Jerusalem

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A member of the political bureau of "Hamas" Izzat al-Rishq Monday confirmed that there are no Palestinian elections without Jerusalem, stressing the need for Jerusalemites to participate in the upcoming legislative elections as nominations, voting, and representation, as was the case in the 2006 elections.

Al-Rishq said, in a press statement that this is a constant position and there is no bargaining over it. There will be no elections without Jerusalem because it represents the historical right and symbolic struggle for the Palestinian people.

He added that If the Israeli occupation attempts to prevent our people in Jerusalem from participating in this election, our Palestinian people, with all their powers and factions, consider it a national battle, and will fight it with all force, to pressure the Israeli occupation and force it to submit to the will of the Palestinian people.

He stressed that our Arab and Islamic nation and the international community are required to pressure the Israeli occupation to prevent it from obstructing the holding of elections in Jerusalem, and to stand by our Palestinian people to achieve their aspirations for unity, freedom, and independence.

He stressed that Jerusalem was and will remain the eternal capital of Palestine, and it is the symbol of the struggle and resistance of the Palestinian people.

According to a previous presidential decree; The Palestinian elections will be held in three stages during the current year, legislative (parliamentary) on May 22, the presidential elections on July 31, and the elections for the National Council on August 31.