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Wednesday, March 29

Israeli forces arrest Hamas candidate, ex-prisoners from Bethlehem

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Days of Palestine – Bethlehem

The Israeli occupation forces arrested today, Tuesday dawn, the leader of the Hamas movement, Hassan Wardyan, from Bethlehem, who is a candidate on its "Al-Quds Our Destination" list for the legislative elections, in addition to ex-prisoners.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests in Bethlehem, affecting the leader of the Hamas movement, Hassan Wardyan, and released prisoners.

The leader, Wardian, an ex-prisoner, has spent more than 20 years in the Israeli occupation prisons. He is a leader in the Hamas movement in the Bethlehem governorate, and one of its candidates on the "Jerusalem is our date" list.

It is noteworthy that the Wardian is one of those whose salaries were cut off by the PA, along with dozens of freed Hamas prisoners.

In the same context, the Israeli occupation forces arrested from Bethlehem, the ex-prisoner, Nader Muhammad Abayat, 52, from the village of Al-Fardis, to the east, and the released prisoner, Adel Issa Hijazi, 48, from Al-Saff Street in the city center, after they raided and searched their homes.

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces assaulted the citizens Jamal Hashem Abu Muhammad and Nassif Faisal Abu Mahmid, while they searched a number of houses in the village of Al-Fardis.

The Israeli occupation forces also raided an exchange shop for Johnny Freeh, on Al-Mawd Street in Bethlehem.

The recent period has witnessed the arrest of the occupation forces of many leaders of Hamas and its members, coinciding with the preparation for holding the legislative elections that were agreed to be held during the next month.