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Saturday, April 1

Israel rejects accessing European mission to monitor the Palestinian elections

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A spokeswoman for the High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy in the European Union, Josep Borrell, said that "Israel" refused to access a mission to monitor the Palestinian elections.

The spokeswoman acknowledged that it was not possible to send a European election observation mission to the Palestinian Authority to monitor the parliamentary elections, scheduled for May 22, according to the agency "Aki", on Wednesday evening.

Nabila Masrali, the media spokesperson for European Foreign Affairs and Political Security, stated that "Israel" did not give the Europeans permission to cross to the territories of the Authority to deploy the members of the mission, as was scheduled, since February 8, despite the requests and repeated contacts of the European Union.

The Europeans believe that the lack of response by "Israel" is related to the travel restrictions imposed as part of the preventive measures to fight the Coronavirus, "Covid-19".

Masrali believed that the failure to send a European election observation mission, based on the official request submitted to Brussels by the Palestinian authorities, will actually affect the evaluation of the entitlement, but the union is considering alternative solutions and supports the work of the Central Committee for Palestinian Elections and finances its work.

The European Union had previously welcomed the announcement by the President of the Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, at the beginning of this year, that legislative elections would be held on May 22 next year, presidential elections would also take place on July 31, and a third for the National Council would be held on August 31 of this year.