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Saturday, April 1

Manuel Musallam: Christian candidates subject to tremendous pressure not to be on the Hamas list

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Manuel Musallam, a member of the Christian Islamic Association for Supporting the Holy Places, confirmed that a number of Christian candidates were subjected to extraordinary pressure and intimidation in their daily lives, to prevent them from running in the elections.

Manuel Musallam said in a press statement that there is terrible and misleading propaganda to distort Hamas, which has greatly affected the components of the Christian world in the West Bank in particular.

He stated that many of the personalities nominated for the elections were subjected to extraordinary pressures with regard to their work, in addition to a very large distortion that the movement was subjected to in the media by a suspicious media.

He explained that the Hamas movement has been subjected to great injustice as well as misinformation, pointing at the same time to the failure of the Hamas media in the face of distortion.

It is noteworthy that the Hamas movement submitted yesterday, Monday, to register its list with the Central Elections Commission in Ramallah and Gaza, to participate in the legislative elections, which bore the name "Al-Quds Our Destination" and its electoral number (10).

It is noteworthy that the door to candidacy for the Legislative Council elections will remain open until midnight on Wednesday, March 31, and the initial disclosure of the lists and candidates will be officially announced on April 6.

According to the Election Commission, the election campaigning begins on April 30 and ends on May 21, and the pre-polling of the security forces will take place on May 20, and the polling day for the electors on May 22, with the preliminary results to be announced on May 23.