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Tuesday, March 21

Hamas’s list “Al-Quds Our Destination” Officially Enters the 2021 Palestinian Elections Race 

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The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" presented its list for the 2021 Legislative Council elections at the headquarters of the Central Elections Committee, and carried the slogan "Al-Quds Our Destination."

The leader of the movement, Khalil Al-Hayya, presented the list of Hamas papers to the committee's headquarters in Gaza City, while a delegation from the movement in the occupied West Bank submitted the list to the committee's headquarters in Al-Bireh.

"We have presented a list entitled" Al-Quds Our Destination," and it bears the number 10, said the leader of the Hamas movement and the head of its electoral list, Khalil al-Hayya.

He added that they were keen to design their list so that Jerusalem would be their address.

Al-Hayya expressed his hope that the elections would be a gateway to end the Palestinian division, stressing the right of the lists to compete with honor.

He warned against the politicization of any judicial dimension in the electoral process, pointing to the presence of Palestinian prisoners on the list, and the youth component who represent a third of the list.

Meanwhile, the leader of the movement and its candidate in Al-Bireh, Sheikh Jamal Al-Tawil, announced during a press conference, the submission of the movement’s list to participate in the Legislative Council, bearing the title “Al-Quds Our Destination,” and the list number (10).

Al-Tawil affirmed the movement’s keenness to make the list comprehensive with the various competencies that our Palestinian people need. He added, “We were keen to have the prisoners in Israeli jails on the top of the list, and various segments of our people at the forefront.

For her part, the movement’s candidate for Hebron, Lama Khater, confirmed that the "Al-Quds Our Destination" list is running in the elections on the basis of adhering to the principles and the political goal that unites the Palestinian people, which is Jerusalem, which expresses the identity of every Palestinian and Muslim.

She explained that the name of the list "Al-Quds Our Destination" links us to an important part of our identity and keeps our eyes on our goal of liberating Jerusalem.

She said, "We hope that the elections will be a prelude to a Palestinian consensus to respect the principles and fight corruption, and the next stage is a work phase that requires the solidarity of all Palestinians."

The Central Elections Commission stated this evening, Monday, that the number of electoral lists that submitted applications for candidacy has reached 15, from the beginning of the candidacy process until today.

It is noteworthy that the door to candidacy for the Legislative Council elections will remain open until midnight on Wednesday, March 31, and the initial disclosure of the lists and candidates will be officially announced on April 6.