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Sunday, March 26

Palestinian elections: 3 lists for the first days of candidacy

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With the announcement of the registration of three candidate lists for the Palestinian legislative elections, on the first day of candidacy, the election battle begins a new phase leading to the renewal of the Palestinian leadership at its three levels.

Hisham Kahil, Executive Director of the Central Elections Committee, confirmed that three lists had applied to register in the elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In a statement, Kahil said that the elections committee has five days to study the status of the lists, so we advise their owners to apply during the first days of the candidacy date to remedy any problem.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine list was the first party list to register in the elections.

As for the second candidate list, it is the "Palestine for All" list headed by the former Minister of Public Works, Moufid Al-Hasayna, and 27 people participate in it.

Mansour Salameh from Tulkarm headed the third list under the name "My Dignity".

On Saturday morning, the Palestinian Central Elections Committee opened the door to receive applications for candidacy for the Palestinian Legislative Council elections.