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Sunday, March 26

Israel eradicates the right testicle of minor prisoner

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority stated, on Wednesday evening, that the Israeli occupation authorities performed an operation to remove the right testicle of the captive minor boy Ahmed Fellana (17 years) from the town of Safa, Ramallah district.

The commission explained that the prisoner has a difficult health problem as a result of being shot five times during his detention about a month earlier, which resulted in severe kidney damage as well as injuries to both feet.

The commission stated that the prisoner suffers from a difficult health condition due to his injury by five bullets during his arrest about a month ago, which led to great damage to the bladder in addition to his injury to both feet.

It indicated that after the shooting, the Israeli occupation soldiers assaulted him after he fell to the ground, and then tore his clothes and put him inside the military jeep. 

Half an hour later, an ambulance arrived, and was transferred to "Hadassah Ein Karem" hospital, where he remained handcuffed and feet bound to the bed, and after 4 days they transferred him to The Cubs' prisoners section in Megiddo Detention Center.

The authority pointed out that he suffers from severe pain in the leg, especially the right and lower abdomen, and walks with great difficulty.