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Wednesday, March 22

Israeli forces hit a worker with a tear gas canister in the head near Qalqilya

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Days of Palestine – Qalqilya

A Palestinian worker was injured at dawn today, Sunday, while trying to reach his workplace inside the occupied Palestinian interior of 1948, through one of the openings in the separation wall near the city of Qalqilya.

Local sources reported that the young man, Ibrahim Hamayel, from the town of Beita, south of Nablus, was injured in the head as a result of a tear gas canister fired by the Israeli soldiers, while he was trying to enter his workplace through one of the wall openings near Qalqilya.

Workers are subjected to harassment and persecution by the Israeli occupation forces while trying to reach their workplaces.

The Apartheid Wall, which the Israeli occupation began to build in 2004, destroyed large areas of agricultural land in the West Bank and confiscated 164,780 dunums.

The wall violates the basic rights of nearly a million Palestinians, forcing thousands of them to obtain special permits from the Israeli occupation forces to allow them to continue living and moving between their homes and their lands.

As behind the wall, there are profound negative impacts on the educational process. Many students and teachers were denied access to their schools, which confused the educational process in many schools.

The periodic report issued by the media office of Hamas in the West Bank monitored the Israeli occupation forces ’commission (2041) in violation of the right of the Palestinian people and their land in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, during the month of February.

The report documents the injury of 86 civilians, including women, children, and the elderly, by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers. The number of shootings carried out by the Israeli soldiers and settlers reached (145) attacks.