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Sunday, March 26

Israel threatens to demolish a residential facility southeast of Bethlehem

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Days of Palestine – Bethlehem

Israeli occupation authorities today, Sunday, informed a citizen of the town of Tuqu ', southeast of Bethlehem, of demolishing warehouses that he owned, on the grounds claimed that he was not licensed.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation authorities stormed the town of Tekoa', and informed the citizen Suleiman Hussein Ali Sabah of demolishing warehouses he owned.

Sabah stated that the Israeli occupation had notified the demolition of the warehouses, claiming that they had not been licensed, despite the fact that they were built years ago on land that he inherited from his father and grandparents, and there was no notice of their demolition.

Tuqu 'town is subjected to constant attacks and harassment from the occupation and settlers. In 1979, the Israeli occupation built a settlement road in the lands of citizens to connect the neighboring settlements and outposts to each other.

Israeli occupation was able to confiscate dozens of agricultural and pastoral dunums, by military decisions of the so-called "Civil Administration and the Occupation Army."

Tuqu 'is surrounded by five settlements, three of them at the northeastern end of the town, and two settlements at the southern end of the town.