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Friday, March 24

The occupation forces detain Seven Palestinians from Hebron

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Days of Palestine – Hebron

The Israeli occupation forces arrested today, Monday, seven citizens from Hebron governorate.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces raided the city of Hebron, and arrested Ezz Al-Din Abu Hussein (24), and Muthanna Omar Al-Qawasmi (20), and from the town of Al-Shuyukh northeast of Hebron, they arrested Thameen Ahmed Halaiqa (25 years old), after raiding their homes searching them.

These forces also raided the town of Beit Kahil, northwest of Hebron, and detained Wael Hassan al-Jawda, his son Hassan, and the young man, Baraa Youssef Asafra, and took them to an unknown destination after tampering with the contents of their houses .

Local sources also reported that the occupation forces raided Safa area in the town, stormed several houses, searched them and tampered with their contents, and arrested the young Atef Mahmoud Tamrah (25) and took him to the Asion military camp, north of Hebron.

The occupation forces also stormed the towns of Bani Naim and Nuba, and set up military checkpoints at the northern entrance to the city of Hebron and at the entrances to the towns of Sa'ir and Halhul.