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Wednesday, March 29

Ministry of Health of Ramallah distributes anti-coronavirus vaccines within a framework of favoritism

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The Coalition for Integrity and Accountability "Aman" warned on Saturday of continuing to exceed the priority in distributing anti-Coronavirus vaccines.

In a statement, "Aman" said that there is a continuation in the distribution process "within the framework of favoritism and relations that seek the private interest at the expense of the public interest, without being concerned with the dangerous epidemiological reality surrounding Palestinian medical staff, the sick and the elderly, which will lead to confusion and chaos.

Aman said that despite the numerous communications to the Council of Ministers regarding the necessity of preparing and publishing a plan for distributing the coronavirus vaccine; The information received by the Aman Coalition still indicates that there are still many cases of getting the vaccine by several parties that go beyond the principle of priority in distribution, which is related to the health staff, the elderly and the sick, all of which is accompanied by the continued favoritism by the competent authorities.

Hence, the AMAN Coalition turns once again to the competent authorities, at the forefront of which is the Council of Ministers to take its position in this battle against the pandemic, and to take measures to stop the process of distributing the vaccine to parties that are not among the highest priority, and to punish those who facilitate this process, taking into account the difficulties facing Palestine to obtain the vaccine and the arrival of small quantities of it, which requires taking measures to ensure maximum benefit from every amount that arrives from the vaccine, according to a clear and published plan for the citizens.