Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Palestinian captive enters 17th year in Israeli jails

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Days of Palestine – Hebron

The Prisoner Club reported that the prisoner Ali Muhammad Ali Faraj Allah (Abu Al-Adeeb) from the town of Idna, west of Hebron, had finished his 16th year in the Israeli occupation prisons and entered his 17th year.

The Prisoner Club explained that the prisoner Faraj Allah (55 years) was arrested on February 26, 2005, and his parents and older brother Anwar died while in detention, and for nine years he was denied their visit due to the oppressive occupation measures against him and his family.

The Israeli occupation forces had previously demolished his Family home twice.

Faraj Allah is married and the father of four children and a girl, the Club said.

Prisoner Faraj Allah, one of the leaders of the captive movement, fought a freedom and dignity strike over a period of 45 days, during which he was subjected to repression and abuse, and recorded historical steadfastness in his challenge to the prison administration.