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Friday, March 24

Israeli forces demolish four water collection ponds near Jericho

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Days of Palestine – Jericho

The Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday demolished four agricultural ponds in the village of Marj Naaja and Khirbet Allan "Al-Shouneh" from the village of Al-Jiftlik with a capacity of 4,900 cubic meters and owned by farmers Saleh Abu Hashem, Munir Nasasrah, and Nasr Zubeidat.

Farmer Qais Nasasrah said that three Israeli vehicles supported by the occupation army demolished and destroyed two agricultural ponds, one feeding about 50 dunums of grapes, while the other fed about 15 dunums of dates.

Earlier in the day, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a water collection pond, a capacity of 1,400 cubic meters, and used it to supply water for the irrigation of scores of donums planted with palm trees, benefiting 20 families in the "Khazuq Musa" area of ​​the village of Marj Naajah, north of Jericho.

Head of the Marj Na‘ja Village Council, Kayed Masoud, said that Israeli forces escorted a bulldozer to the north of the village, where the heavy machinery demolished a pond used to collect water for the irrigation of a nearby palm farm belonging to Saleh Abu Hashem.