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Saturday, June 3

Palestine extends lockdown for 5 days as coronavirus cases surpass 5,000

Days of Palestine -

The Palestinian government Tuesday evening decided to extend the lockdown on the occupied territories for five days as the total COVID-19 cases in the territories exceeded 5,000.

Speaking in a press conference in Ramallah, Government Spokesman Ibrahim Milhem announced the extension of the lockdown for five days in line with the state of emergency declared by President Mahmoud Abbas as a precautionary measure to combat the sharp increase in the coronavirus infections.

The five-day lockdown, Milhem pointed out, will go into effect on Wednesday morning until Monday morning. It will see all prohibition of movement and activities and closure of all institutions and businesses, except for supermarkets, pharmacies and bakeries.

He added that banks will be required to operate during the lockdown period in line with the emergency procedures and that the transport of food products and agricultural produce will be allowed among the various governorates in line with the tightened safety conditions.

He called for the immediate activation of local emergency committees in all governorates to ensure the public compliance to the safety measures and stressed the ban on large events, including weddings and condolence gathering.

He reiterated that anyone who violates the public safety measures shall be punishable with fines, business closure, or imprisonment.

According to the latest coronavirus data, the confirmed cases in the occupied territories (West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza) reached 5,092.
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Out of the 5,092 cases, 4,575 are recorded in the West Bank, 72 in the Gaza Strip and 445 in East Jerusalem.

Recoveries have totaled 668 and the death toll increased to 22, leaving a total of 4,402 active cases.