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Sunday, March 26

Israel arrest 440 Palestinians in February

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Days Of Palestine – Ramallah

Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies revealed that according to a new statistical study, the occupation state arrested 440 Palestinians last February, including 67 children, 11 women, and 3 journalists.

The spokesman for the center, Riyadh Ashqar, said that the Israeli arrests have been depleting the Palestinian people since they are used as a repressive tool.

Ashqar added that 6 Palestinians were arrested from Gaza, including 3 fishermen who were arrested for doing their job in the sea of Gaza.

Two others were arrested at the borders of the besieged strip while a businessman was arrested while traveling to the West Bank through Erez crossing.

Three journalists were also arrested. The journalists Alaa Rimawi and Muhammad Awa were arrested while on duty in northern Ramallah but they were released after that.

The journalist Mujahed Bani Mefleh was arrested while he was driving from Ramallah to Nablus over social media posts.

The study stated that the occupation state continued to target women and children. 67 children were arrested last month, the youngest of them was Majed Abu Sa’dah (7 years old) from the village of Jayyus in eastern Qalqilya.

Meanwhile, 11 women were arrested during the same period, including a 23-years-old student at the Polytechnic University of Palestine.

Wafaa Abu Zahra (19 years old) and Maisoon Tmeizi were also arrested after breaking into their houses in southern Hebron.

Rimah Sultan (25 years old), who is a mother of a 1-year-old child, as arrested as well after breaking into her house.

Both the mother and wife of Maher Za’atreh, who was shot dead by Israeli forces in occupied Jerusalem, were also arrested. Halima Khandakji (45 years old) was also arrested and subjected to torture during interrogation.