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Tuesday, March 21

Many UNRWA services to stop due to budget deficit

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Days Of Palestine – Gaza

UNRWA has warned that many of its essential services it provides for Palestinian refugees will be halted if its large budget deficit has not been covered by next May.

“If the agency’s large budget deficit, estimated at one billion and 275 million dollars, has not been covered by next May, many UNRWA service programs will be affected, such as education, health and food distribution, across its five fields of operation,” UNRWA spokesperson Adnan Abu Hasna stated.

“We’ll have to start imposing strict procedures in order for us to continue the work,” Abu Hasna said, describing the agency’s financial position as “very serious” and “unprecedented.”

UNRWA recently launched an appeal for a minimum of $ 1.4 billion to fund its essential services and assistance, including life-saving humanitarian aid and priority projects for 5.6 million registered Palestine refugees across the Middle East for the year 2020.

However, it received only $125 million of the required funds.