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Wednesday, March 22

Official denies any cases of coronavirus in Gaza

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Minister of Health Mai Keileh denied the existence of any cases of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Palestine, including both the West Bank and Gaza.

Keileh denied a report by an international newspaper she did not name which featured a list of the countries that have been infected with COVID-19, and which claimed that 17 cases of the new disease were recently detected in the Gaza Strip.

She said the report was baseless as it failed to refer to the fact-sheets of the World Health Organization or the Palestinian Ministry of Health in both the West Bank and Gaza.

Keileh stated that after making sure no cases of coronavirus were detected in the Gaza Strip, the ministry reached out to the newspaper, which apologized for publishing the report without referring to a reliable source. She said the newspaper later issued another report that did not include any cases of the epidemic in Gaza