Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

As Israeli elections near, Palestinian Arabs in Israel demonstrate against ‘racist’ Netanyahu

Days of Palestine -

Few days before the commencement of the third Israeli elections in one year, a number of Palestinian Arabs in Israel demonstrated today against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, charging him of being racist and saying he is not welcome in the Arab towns.

The popular committees in Tamra and Kabul, two Arab towns in the Lower Galilee in northern Israel, demonstrated against Netanyahu, who is contending for another term in office, and his right-wing Likud Party.

The protesters carried signs denouncing Netanyahu and his party as racist, anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian.

“We are demonstrating against the number one instigator against our Palestinian people everywhere,” said Mohammad Subuh, head of the Tamra Popular Committee and member of the political bureau of the National Democratic Party, a member of the Arab Joint List coalition that is running in the upcoming Israeli elections.

“Netanyahu has enacted racist laws and spearheaded all racist measures against our people. He is the instigator and instrument behind the racist policies, including home demolitions, waging wars against our people and imposing a blockade on our people in Gaza,” he said.

“We are here to tell him (Netanyahu) that you are not welcome in our Arab towns. These are our towns and this is our people. We will not allow you to insult our society and our people everywhere,” added Subuh.