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Friday, March 24

Hamas: Palestinian people have a legitimate right to defend themselves

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Days Of Palestine – Gaza

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Brahoum on Monday said that the Palestinian resistance's response to the Israeli crimes came within the strategy of a unified understanding among all Palestinian factions that the spilling of Palestinian blood is a red line.

He added that the heinous crime of the Israeli occupation forces yesterday is another crime that joins a blacklist of its crimes against the Palestinian people.

All of these atrocities and violations will make the Palestinian people and resistance more insistent and determined to continue their freedom struggle against the occupation and to repulse all forms of aggression, given that the Palestinian people have a legitimate right to defend themselves and restore their rights, he confirmed.

He said that in the case of Israel expanded its aggression; they have to understand that Hamas, along with the Palestinian resistance factions, above all the al-Qassam Brigades, is able to respond to the Israeli attacks and will not abandon its duty and responsibility of defending the Palestinian people.

We are not amateurs of wars, but we resist and fight in defense of our people and for their freedom and the preservation of its dignity until ending the occupation, he affirmed.