Days of Palestine

Palestinian mother describes suffering in Israeli jails

Days of Palestine -

Days Of Palestine – Ramallah

Halima Khandakji, a captive Palestinian woman has uncovered details of her suffering during interrogation inside Israeli detention jails, saying how investigators forced her to undress, prevented her from entering the toilet and tortured her.

Khandakji, 45, is a mother of three and resides in Deir Sudan town, Ramallah District.
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She was detained on Feb. 12 and is still in prison.

According to a report by the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, a lawyer has met Khandakji and listened to her complaints.

She said the Israeli police arrested her with no clear charges and transferred her to Moscovia Detention Center for interrogation.

The interrogation rounds lasted for long hours with verbal insults, she said. The occupation police threatened to keep her in detention cells and to arrest her child as a pressure to make her confess to the charges.

Khandakji also said forces handcuffed her at wall mount restraints, causing her to suffer severe aches in her back, hands and legs.

Over her nine-day stay in the Center, she said 13 detectives interrogated her before transferring her to Damon prison.

The condition of the cells in which she was detained was very bad and not suitable for humans.

The cell is very narrow and cold and its walls are made from rough concrete, which makes them difficult to lean on, she explained, adding that the mattress is thin and without any cover or pillow, and the light is kept on for 24 hours, and the bathroom smells bad.