Days of Palestine

Saturday, April 1

Israel’s assassination threats do not scare our leaders: QB

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Days Of Palestine – Gaza

Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, scoffed at the alleged Israeli attempts to assassinate its military commander Marwan Issa and Hamas chief in Gaza Yehya as-Sinwar, affirming that its military and political leaders are not afraid of being martyrs.

“The talk about intents to assassinate leaders Sinwar and Issa reflects the occupation’s impotence and confusion,” an official source told Palestine Today news agency, describing Israeli assassination threats as “empty messages.”

“Our leaders are martyrdom projects and the enemy’s threats do not even scare a Palestinian child,” al-Qassam source said.

He called on Israeli leaders “to find a solution to Gaza balloons first before considering such decision they cannot pay the price of its consquences.”

This came in response to recent news reports saying that the Egyptian delegation who visited Gaza recently managed to avert Israeli intents to assassinate Sinwar and Issa.

The Israeli government repeatedly held Hamas responsible for recent sporadic balloon and rocket attacks on Israeli areas.

However, such attacks from Gaza are seen as retaliation for Israel’s frequent opening of floodgates on the border, causing widespread damage to farmlands, homes and infrastructure.

The attacks also came after the Israelis planes sprayed poisonous herbicides on cultivated fields, destroying vast tracts of crops and causing considerable losses to the agricultural sector in Gaza.