Days of Palestine

Saturday, March 25

Muslim women condemn US deal on Palestine

Days of Palestine -

The International Muslim Women Union, IMWU has condemned the deal that seeks to eliminate the part of State of Palestine and abort the right of ownership to the Palestinians, describing the deal as a blatant and malicious conspiracy.

The group also called on all Palestinian parties, the international community, the Arab and Muslim states, to take a unified and courageous stand and to exert maximum pressure to ensure the plot never sees the light of the day.  

In a statement signed by Hajia Sherifah Yusuf-Ajibade, a Trustee of the union said, “With greater intransigence and arrogance, the attacks on the State of Palestine, its land, its people and its holy places, continues before the eyes of the world rulers, people, international organizations, human rights and civil society.  

“What was yesterday an idea, became today an ominous plan, a deal of shame, arranged between an occupying party and an authoritarian state that imposes its hegemony on the world and the people, flouting all international norms and conventions and overcoming the first rights of peoples, namely, the right to self-determination.  

“Hence, in the face of Trump’s provocation, his disregard of the usurped rights of the Palestinian people, and in the face of this shameful silence or the timid voices of some Arab and Islamic organizations towards the issue of the century, the cause of the Arab and Muslim nation, the International Muslim Women Union, with all its branches and regional offices, raises its voice against this blatant conspiracy that seeks to completely eliminate the rest of the State of Palestine through its fragmentation, the confiscation of the rights of its people, their lands and their capital, and the denial of the right of the Palestinian diaspora to return to their homeland, and to finally abort the entire Palestinian cause.  

“We, therefore, call first on all Palestinian parties to be unified in the face of this malicious conspiracy, and we call on the international community, the Arab and Muslim states, to take a unified and courageous stand and to exert maximum pressure so that this plot never sees the light.  

“The International Muslim Women Union warns against the repercussions of the deal on the fate of the Palestinian people and on the future of the Arab and Muslim World. Ceding legitimate rights would generate more compromises, more cynicism and arrogance.  

“It is a shame for every Arab and Muslim country to go through this deal of shame. It is a shame for all those who let go of the first Qiblah, the land of Israa’ and maaraj, and the land of prophets and blessings.  

“Palestine is crying out to you today and the history is recording. Say no to Trump’s ill-fated plan. Say no to the deal of shame. Palestine is not for sale, Palestine is Arab and it will remain Arab with Jerusalem as its capital God, we’ve spoken up. God, be our witness,” the group said.