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Saturday, March 25

Israeli Occupation Forces order halt of construction in south of West Bank

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Israeli military ordered today a halt on the construction of a Palestinian structure in Masafer Yatta in the south of the occupied West Bank, according to Fouad Amour, a local activist.

said that Israeli forces raided the site and handed Yasser Hamamda, a local resident, a notice ordering him to stop construction on his 80-square meter residence, which houses sight members of his family, under the pretext of lack of an Israeli building permit.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces ordered two other Palestinian residents of al-Mafqara and al-Fakhit, also in the Masafer Yatta village complex, to halt construction of a barn for sheep.

Masafer Yatta is classified as Area C, which is under full Israeli military control. Area C makes up around 60 percent of the area of the occupied West Bank, which Israel plans to annex after expelling its Palestinian population.

Israel rarely issues construction permits to Palestinians in such areas, forcing many to build without permits.