Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Hayya: US deal of the century is “mere illusions”

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Days Of Palestine – Gaza

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Khalil al-Hayya has called for more worldwide activities supporting the Aqsa Mosque and denouncing Israel’s practices in the occupied territories.

Addressing journalists at the Omari Mosque in Gaza, Hayya described the US deal of the century as “mere illusions” and “pipe dreams for the Zionists and the US administration.”

He expressed his belief that “a popular uprising by all lovers of Jerusalem around the world would be enough to foil the occupation’s plots and force it to retreat.”

In a separate statement, the Hamas Movement vowed to thwart the US deal of the century, stressing that “any deal or project that detracts from the Palestinian people’s right to their land and holy sites would never pass.”

Hamas reiterated its position in this regard after US president Donald Trump announced his intent to unveil his peace plan in the Middle East (also known as the deal of the century) ahead of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit on Tuesday to Washington.