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Wednesday, March 29

Harsh conditions face new female detainees in Israeli jail

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The Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs ha said that the newly-held female prisoners are transferred to a section in Hasharon jail, which is similar to an isolation area, where they are detained for long days or weeks under harsh incarceration conditions before they are taken later to Damon jail.

According to the Commission, the cells in that section are not even suitable for holding animals, where the mattresses are thin and so filthy and the windows are deliberately kept open all the time in order to make the detainees suffer from the cold air.

The female detainees also suffer from their exposure to ill-treatment and other difficult conditions, such as wastewater overflowing from toilets and the presence of Israeli criminals shouting and cursing from nearby rooms.

Some prisoners also complained to a lawyer from the Commission that they were kept in prison vehicles, which is used to transfer prisoners between jails and courts, for long hours and sometimes for a few days without allowing them to go to bathrooms, eat or drink.