Days of Palestine

Saturday, March 25

Shu’fat residents rally in protest at settlers’ attacks

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Days Of Palestine – Jerusalem

Scores of Palestinian citizens on Friday participated in a sit-in staged in Shu’fat town, east of Occupied Jerusalem, in protest at recent attacks by extremist Jewish settlers.

The sit-in, which was organized outside the Shu’fat Mosque, was called for by the local council in protest at the acts of vandalism that had been committed recently by settlers in the town.

The town had been exposed to several sporadic attacks on property before, but last Monday settlers infiltrated overnight into its neighborhoods and ruined tires of over 186 vehicles and defaced walls of buildings with insults and threats against the local residents.  

Head of the town local council Ishaq Abu Khudair told WAFA news agency that the sit-in was staged as part the recommendations that were adopted during a recent meeting held by local personages to explore mechanisms to confront settlers’ crimes.