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Friday, March 24

39 Women detainees are held in Israeli jails, among them 16 mothers

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Days Of Palestine – Ramallah

There are 39 women detainees in the Israeli occupation jails, held at Damoun prison except for the detainee Hiba Al-Labadi, who entered a hunger strike since 41 days and held at Al-Ramlah prison clinic, and the wounded detainee Suhair Islamya who is held at Shaare Tzedek Hospital, the commission of Detainees' Affairs stated.

The commission pointed out that 28 women detainees are sentenced to maximum 16 years, 8 detainees are under custody and 3 detainees under the administrative detention such as Hiba Al-labadi, Alaa' Basheer and Shuruq Al-badan.

The commission added that 16 mothers among the detainees.

The commission also stated that some detainees are suffering from bad health conditions. A case in point is the detainee Israa' Jaabees, Hiba Al-Labadai, Shuruq Dwayat, Marah Bakeer and Amal Taqatqa who do not receive any medical care.

The commission revealed that the occupation authorities issued insane sentences against women detainees with high fines and long years.

Cases in point: the detainee Shuruq Dwayat who is sentenced to 16 years and a fine of NIS 80.000, Shatella Abu Ayyad sentenced to 16 years, Aysha Afghani and Maysoun Jabali 15 years, Nourhan Awwad sentenced to 13 years, Israa Jaabees sentenced to 11 years, Fadwa Hamada, Amani Hasheem and Malak Suliman are sentenced to 10 years.