Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

Gazans ask Saudi Monarch to release relatives

Days of Palestine -

Many Palestinians, including relatives of detainees in Saudi Arabia, staged a rally on Wednesday in the Gaza Strip to demand the release of Palestinians in Saudi prisons.

"Release detainees in Saudi jails" was one of banners carried by the protesters in the rally that was held outside the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Gaza City.

"We appeal to the Saudi authorities to release Palestinian detainees in Saudi jails and those held without indictment or trial," Abdul-Majeed al-Khudari, a spokesman for the National Committee for the Defense of Palestinian Prisoners in Saudi Arabia, a new NGO, said during the sit-in.

Applauding Saudi support for the Palestinian people, al-Khudari expressed hope that the Saudi Monarch would respond to the appeals made by relatives of the detainees being held in Saudi jails and order their immediate release.

Last month, the Hamas Movement said senior group member Mohamed al-Khudari and his son have been held by Saudi authorities since April, adding that dozens of Palestinians are also in detention, with no guilt.

Hamas affirmed the prisoners did not involve in “political activities” in Saudi Arabia and condemned their detention as detrimental to the Palestinian cause.
According to the Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, 60 Palestinians have been forcibly disappeared by the Saudi security authorities.

During the current year, Saudi authorities carried out an unjustified crackdown on Palestinian citizens, rounding up dozens of them, including doctors, engineers and traders, across the country. Most of those detainees have been living in the Kingdom for many years.