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Friday, March 24

Palestinian elderly shot injured with 7 bullets by Israel

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Days Of Palestine – Occupied Towns

Three Palestinian were injured early on Saturday in the occupaied Palestine cities, two seriously, in three shooting incidents.

Local sources said that an elderly mosque imam was seriously injured after he was hit by seven bullets while he was on his way to dawn prayer in the central region of the occupied Ramla city.

Souces added that in Rahat, in the occupied Naqab south of occupied Palestine, the city's engineer was hit by three bullets in his foot as he was leaving the dawn prayer and was transported to hospital for treatment.

In the occupied town of Ar'ara, in the center of occupied Palestine, a 20-year-old youth was seriously injured in a shooting attack.

Reports said 13 Palestinians were killed last month in occupied towns of Palestine 'Israel' bringing the total of at least 69 killed as a result of shooting incidents since the beginning of the year.