Days of Palestine

Friday, March 24

Erdogan deplores Israel’s expansion over Palestinian land

Days of Palestine -

Turkish president Recep Erdogan on Tuesday lashed out at the Israeli occupation state for gobbling the Palestinian land and persisting in its expansion activity.

Addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, Erdogan held an image of the time-lapsed map of occupied Palestine, which clearly showed how the Israel had gobbled Palestinian territories over the decades.  

"Where was Israel in 1947 and where is it now?" he said as he displayed the map in which Palestinian land marked in green color could be seen taken over by Israel.

"Israel is still expanding and Palestine is still shrinking,” he said.

“Palestinian territories under Israeli occupation have become one of the places on earth where "injustice prevails the most,” Erdogan added.

"If the images of an innocent Palestinian woman who was murdered heinously by Israeli security forces on the street just a few days ago cannot awake the consciences, then we are at a point where the words fail," he said.

Turkey has "a clear stance" on the issue, Erdogan said. "The immediate establishment of an independent and homogeneous Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital is the solution,” he stressed, as he urged the international community and UN to provide "concrete support for the Palestinian people instead of mere promises

He also questioned the role and mission of UN, saying it failed to implement its own resolutions against Israel.

The Turkish president slammed the international community for standing idly by as Israel decided to seize the Golan Heights and the West Bank and kill any chance to establish the Palestinian state..

“How can the Golan Heights and the West Bank settlements be seized, just like the other occupied Palestinian territories, before the eyes of the world if they are not within the borders of this state,” he asked rhetorically.

“Is the aim of the initiative presented as the ‘Deal of the Century,’ to eliminate the presence of the state and people of Palestine?,” he said in reference to US president Donald Trump’s plan to end the Palestine-Israel conflict.