Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 29

Sheikh Tamim: Int’l community important when it comes to Palestine

Days of Palestine -

Prince of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has affirmed that his country will continue to support the Palestinian people and any effort intended to achieve just peace for them.

“As Qatar will not stop supporting any effort exerted in favor of realizing just peace, it will also continue to provide political and humanitarian support to the brotherly Palestinian people, Sheikh Tamim said on Tuesday, addressing the 74th session of the UN General Assembly.

“The continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the Arab territories in general, and the ensuing unlawful practices, and in particular the expansion of settlements, Judaization of Jerusalem city, the unjust and strangling blockade of the Gaza Strip, the intensifying settlement activity in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and changing its nature, all these practices are happening in overt defiance to the United Nations and its resolutions to the extent that Israel regards the airspace of the region as permissible,” the Qatari leader underlined.

He slammed the international community for its impotence to enforce the respect of its legitimacy when it comes to Palestine.

“It has been proved that settlements based on imposing the logic of force will only result in their violation and denial by the occupation’s logic of force as well, but  the permanent peace that is based on justice means guaranteeing the rights of the Palestinian people, whose homeland has been usurped, foremost of which is the establishment of the Palestinian State on the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital and the removal of the Israeli occupation from all occupied Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan Heights and the Lebanese territories,” he said.