Days of Palestine

Saturday, April 1

IOF kidnaps, assaults Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Thursday kidnaped many Palestinian citizens and assaulted others during campaigns in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

According to different sources, 19 Palestinians were taken prisoners during IOF campaigns in the West Bank and five others were detained by the police in Jerusalem.

In Ramallah, the IOF stormed Kafr Ni'ma village, ransacked some homes and smashed windows of a house before rounding up five young men.

The IOF also clashed with dozens of angry young men in the village and showered them with volleys of stun and tear gas grenades.

In Nablus, the IOF raided homes, kidnaped three young men and clashed with local youths in Balata refugee camp.

10 others were also kidnaped by the IOF in Qalqilya city, Jenin city and Jenin refugee camp. The detainees from Qalqilya were identified as Mohamed Bakeer, Mahdi Sabri, Obada al-Hajj and Hamza Owainat, and the six others from Jenin and its refugee camp were identified as Mohamed Abu Zagha, Yousef Shareem, Ahmed Sabah, Basel Astiti, Suhaib Mar’ie and Mohamed Manasrah.

Local sources said that violent clashes broke out between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian young men during the IOF campaign in Jenin.

Clashes also took place for about two hours in the central area of Ramallah city where a large number of Israeli troops raided commercial stores.

10 young man reportedly suffered from rubber bullet injuries and many others from exposure to tear gas fumes during the events in Ramallah city.

Similar clashes also happened in Halhul town in northern al-Khalil, where many Palestinian young men suffered from rubber bullet and tear gas injuries.

The events started in Halhul after hordes of Jewish settlers stormed the town under military protection to perform rituals at the shrine of Prophet Yunus.

Dozens of settlers also stormed a Palestinian ancient building in Beersheba street in the central district of al-Khalil to perform rituals at a tomb.

In Bethlehem, several buses carrying settlers entered Teqoa town under military escort and swarmed its archeological area for rituals.