Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Qabha: IPS forced 100 prisoners to go on hunger strike

Days of Palestine -

Former minister of prisoners’ affairs Wasfi Qabha said that at least 100 Palestinian prisoners had to go on hunger strike anew after the Israeli prison service (IPS) reneged on its pledges to respond to their demands.

In a press release on Monday, Qabha said all the recent talks with Israeli jailers failed to make them honor their pledges to the prisoners.

“The Captive Movement leadership has found itself in front of a solid wall after the occupation prison service closed all the doors of dialog with it to avoid fulfilling the understandings, its commitments and pledges, especially with regard to the removal of jamming devices that cause health problems to the prisoners,” the former minister said.

He pointed out that the IPS sent senior leaders of the Captive Movement, including Abbas Assayed, to isolation cells to pressure the prisoners to end their hunger strike.

He warned that that the Israeli reluctance to respond to the prisoners’ just demands would turn jails into battlefields.