Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

‘The Deal of Century’ will Not Pass

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Days Of Palestine – Gaza

The National Honor Charter for rejecting the Deal of the Century and the Bahrain Conference

“The Deal will Not Pass”

The Palestinian cause is currently in grave danger due to the American attacks against the Palestinian people and the expansion of the Zionist occupation attacks on Palestinian politics, economy, health, and culture.

Accordingly, we, in all the Palestinian factions, have issued this national charter to confront the so-called disastrous Deal of the Century and emphasize our commitment to the following points:

First of all: The total rejection of the Deal of the Century   in details and outputs, and any other similar projects aiming at liquidating the Palestinian cause. We consider the deal as a flagrant aggression against the rights of our people, the national constants of freedom and return, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Secondly: The rejection of all forms of normalization with the occupation in terms of politics, culture, economics, sports, media, military and security, considering it as a national crime worthy of legal, popular and national prosecution.

Thirdly: Upholding the Palestinian refugees’ right of return from their homes which they were expelled form in 1948, and rejecting the following:

  1. We reject any attempt to liquidate UNRWA or find any alternative to it.
  2. The alternative homeland projects and the national law that affects our steadfast people in 1948 territories.
  3. We reject the Israeli occupation annexation of some parts of the West Bank.
  4. We reject the US decision to recognize Israel domination over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.
  5. We reject considering Jerusalem as the unified capital of Israel.

Fourthly: addressing and countering the "Deal of The Century" and the suspicious projects is an urgent national necessity that requires ending the division, restoring unity, promoting resistance, and supporting the international BDS movements in all their forms.

Finally: We reject the separation between the West Bank and Gaza, asserting that there is no state in Gaza or a state without it and that we refuse to sell our national rights for any economic improvements through implementing the Deal of the Century.

Thank you