Days of Palestine

Saturday, January 28

Israeli plan to bulldoze hundreds of dunams in Salfit

Days of Palestine -

A plan to bulldoze hundreds of dunums of agricultural land in villages and towns north-west of Salfit has been unveiled for settlement expansion.

The Palestinian Liaison gave the municipality of Kefl Hares a plan to build a sewage line that passes through the lands of a number of citizens of the town north of Salfit, under the pretext of constructing a 2.800 km long pipeline and 8 meters according to the "Israeli" plan.

According to researcher Khaled Ma'ali, the sewage line will cause the destruction of hundreds of dunums of villages and towns in the north-west of Salfit. Olive trees and other old trees will be cut off, and valleys and land will be destroyed.

The lands of the villages that will be dredged, are Hares, Kafl Hares, Kiri, Derastia, Bruqin, Kafr El Deek, Siraa, Badia, Zuwa and Masha, which will be bulldozed to rehabilitate the planned sewage line, he added.