Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Germany: All refugees should go home except Palestinians

Days of Palestine -

An ad was posted in metro stations in Germany calling for refugees from all nationalities to voluntarily go home except the Palestinians.

This add is directed to the refugees, who fled the persecution in their home countries to Germany. It told them that their future is in their homelands.

However, it did not advise the Palestinian refugees, who were persecuted, their fathers were killed or expelled by the Zionist gangs.

A flag for many countries, whose citizens live in German, were painted on the add, but the Palestinian flag was absent.

“Today, I saw this ad in a Berlin metro station,” German activist Martin Lejeune, who posted a picture for himself with the ad as a background, wrote on Facebook.

“I welcome everyone to Germany. You are my guest,” he added.

“Among all nations, the Palestinians have a Right to Return (Haq Al-Awda) but of all flags just the Palestinian flag is absent,” he wrote and asked this question: “What do you think about it?”

Double standards

Lejeune’s friends gave different answers about his question. Sahin Selami wrote: “That is Germany’s double standards.”

Meanwhile, Sarah El-Sayed described what is being posted on the ad as a “typical European ideology.”

Yunus Uslu wrote: “We can see. Israel has a big power in Germany.”