Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

An open letter to wife of Palestinian hunger-striker

Days of Palestine -

British activist Sarah Wilkinson sends a letter of solidarity and support to the wife of the Palestinian hunger-striker Khader Adnan, who spent a total of 11 years under administrative detention inside Israeli jails.

Dear Mrs Randa Adnan,

I write this letter to you hearing the news that your husband has ended his hunger strike after 58 days. I want to send my warmest wishes to you, for your pain and worry, and for the immense suffering which you, indeed all your family, have been through — not just for these last two months, but for the many years that you have endured this inhumane and unjust persecution at the hands of Israel.

I cannot truly imagine what you have had to contend with, but I have tried, and I kept each and every one of you in my thoughts throughout each day, from dawn till dusk.

As you continue forward, I will remain in steadfast solidarity with you and your cause for freedom, and I will remain forever at your side in spirit.

My voice is small, but it will never be silenced, or fade with time — and I know there are thousands, indeed millions, of equally committed voices of solidarity that will join me at your side.

Dear Mrs Randa Adnan, from one woman to another, I send you the courage of a thousand lions, the hugs of a thousand gentle bears, the healing of a thousand potions and the love of a thousand hearts. Forever in your service,

Sarah Wilkinson