Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Israel killed 193 Palestinians in Gaza since 30 March

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces killed 193 Palestinian protesters in the besieged Gaza Strip, including 34 children and three women, since the Great March of Return protests were launched on 30 March.

The Palestinian ministry of health said in a statement issued on Monday that the Israeli snipers also wounded 21,150 protesters during the same period.

According to the statement, the wounded included 4,200 children and 1,950 women and 464 of the total wounded suffered serious injuries.

It also stated that three paramedics were amongst those killed and 394 were amongst the wounded.

Meanwhile, the statement said, two journalists were killed and 182 were wounded.

Israel’s heavy-handed response to unarmed Palestinian protesters damaged 80 ambulances which were being used to rush the injured to medical centres.