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Wednesday, February 8

Israel sells stolen Palestinian gas to Egypt

Days of Palestine -

Israeli media revealed on Monday details of $15b deal signed by Israeli firms stipulates selling stolen Palestinian natural gas to Egypt.

The deal, which was signed by the Israeli company Delek Drilling, with its US partner Noble Energy, and Egypt’s Dolphinus Holdings, stipulates exporting 64 billion cubic metres of natural gas over 10 years to Egypt.

Chief Executive of Delek Drilling, Yossi Abu, called the deal “good news” for both countries. He expects Egypt will use the gas for the domestic market, and added that, “Egypt is becoming the real gas hub” for Israeli gas in the region.

The gas is going to be delivered from the Tamar and Leviathan fields, operating off the coasts of occupied Palestine, and is expected to start flowing next year, said Ynet News.

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said that the deal is a “very important milestone” as one of the “first big, significant, serious export deals between Israel and the Arab world.”

Racist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Many people did not believe in the gas outline.”

He said that Israeli occupation would use the gas revenues to strengthen Israeli security, economy and regional relations. “This is a joyous day,” he said.

Israel prevents the Palestinian Authority from drilling in the gas fields located in Palestine’s territorial waters off the Gaza coast.

Having its own gas supply could ease the fuel and electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip and solve the poverty and unemployment problems plaguing the coastal enclave.