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Wednesday, February 1

B’Tselem: Israeli soldiers use Dutch dogs to attack Palestinian civilians

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation army has been illegally “brutally” using Dutch dogs during Israeli raids on the West Bank since the death of Israeli rabbi two months ago in occupied West Bank, report by B’Tselem said.

The report noted that Israeli use of Dutch army dogs caused the injury of three Palestinians, including a woman, in addition to terrorising children through releasing them inside homes during raids.

B’Tselem’s report cited a violation where Israeli army demolished four houses in Jenin, one of which was demolished while the residents were still inside.

The Israeli organisation also documented raids of two houses in the villages of the area, during which they incited dogs to attack three women, then body-searched them undressed during the dawn raids.

In the report, terrifying details about the use of dogs by the Israeli occupation on February 3, 2018 at 6:00 am, were recounted.

In her testimony to B’Tselem on 13 February 2018, Houria Jarrar described what happened to her after leaving the room with the soldier: Inas and the soldier entered the room where we were. The soldier told me she wanted to search our bodies.

I cried and said to her: “What do you want from me! I am an old woman and I move with difficulty, you should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Inas and the soldier helped me to take off my clothes as I sat on the bed. I felt helpless and deeply saddened by what the soldier had done to me and I was crying all the time. How can a young soldier force an elderly woman like me to take off her clothes and reveal her nakedness in front of her in this way?

After the inspection, the soldier Inas ordered that she help her to remove my daughter Dalal as well. Inas helped her and the soldier searched Dalal’s body. I could not stop crying.