Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israel abducted 520 Palestinians in January, including 92 kids, 18 females

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation security services abducted in January 520 Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, including 92 children, 15 women and three girls.

Palestine Prisoners’ Centre said in a report issued on Friday that 18 of the Palestinians abducted in January are from Gaza, including six fishermen abducted while fishing off the Gaza coast.

Riyadh al-Ashqar, a researcher in the centre, said that the youngest Palestinian abducted in January was Said Sukkar, 11 years old.

He also said that this number included three children abducted while they were wounded and named them as Ahmed Zagzoug, 14, Mohamed al-Hajj, 15, and Ahmed Shalaldeh, 16.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation abducted 15 women and three girls and three sisters. The youngest girl was Sara Shamasneh, 14 years old.

There are currently about 6,500 Palestinians inside Israeli jails, including 350 children, 57 women and girls, 400 patients and more than 400 others under administrative detention.