Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Latest victims of Israeli siege, elderly couple die in Gaza

Days of Palestine -

An elderly couple using charcoal grill to heat their house in Gaza found dead on Sunday afternoon, Palestinian ministry of health said.

Health ministry spokesperson said that the man, who was 90 years old and his wife 88 years old, used the charcoal grill to heat their house due to the lack of electricity.

The spokesperson said that using the charcoal grill in a bad ventilation system causes carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gazans have been suffering during winters due to the inability to warm up the homes because of the lack of electricity which is part of the Israel, Palestinian Authority, Egyptian and international 11-year-old siege.

Regarding the case of the elderly couple, they used the charcoal grill instead of the electric warmer to cope with the cold weather.
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