Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Israel NGO: Israel killed 8 unarmed Palestinians in Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces killed eight unarmed Palestinians, who did not pose any danger, during demonstrations along the Gaza border, Israeli NGO B’Tselem has revealed.

The Israeli human rights group said that the Israeli occupation used live ammunition and killed ten Palestinians and wounded hundreds during demonstrations against the US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

B’Tselem said that the Palestinian protesters in Gaza stood at one side of the borderline and the Israeli occupation forces stood at the other side.

“This proves that there could not be any chance to pose mortal danger against the Israeli occupation forces, which used lethal force against them,” the NGO said.

One of the peaceful Palestinian protesters, who were killed by the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza, was the double-amputee Ibrahim abu-Thurayya, who was shot in the head with a live bullet by an Israeli sniper.

“Israeli soldiers shot and killed eight unarmed Palestinian demonstrators, none of whom posed mortal danger, who were participating in protests near the Gaza perimeter fence,” the Israeli NGO said.

It added: “Yet, even this recent upsurge in the killing and injury of Palestinians through the unlawful and excessive use of live ammunition will not, most probably, be addressed any differently than thousands of other cases in which no one was held accountable.”