Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Israeli forces murder Palestinian boy in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces murdered on Saturday Palestinian boy at illegal Israeli checkpoint of Zaatara in occupied West Bank.

The boy was to cross the illegal Israeli checkpoint when an Israeli occupation soldier screamed at him, eyewitnesses said, before other soldiers opened fire at him.

According to the eyewitnesses, the boy and an Israeli soldier fell down. “This time, the Israeli soldiers increased their fire at the Palestinian boy who was announced dead at the scene,” an eyewitness told Days of Palestine.

Israeli occupation army spokesman claimed that the Palestinian boy had stabbed an Israeli soldier who received field medical treatment.

Later on, the Israeli occupation medical service Megan David Adom said that the Israeli soldier was hit lightly injured by a friendly fire.

The Israeli media showed a photo of a knife claiming it was used by the Palestinian boy when he attempted to stab the Israeli soldiers.
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Palestinian sources identified the murdered boy as Qutayba Ziad Zahran from the village of Allar in the West Bank district of Tulkarem.

At night, the Israeli occupation forces raided the village and broke into the house of the Palestinian boy and abducted his brother.