Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli undercover forces murder youth in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Israeli undercover forces murdered on Wednesday evening Palestinian youth in West Bank city of Al-Khalil, claiming he was “terrorist.”

Local Palestinian sources said that the Palestinian had a fake gun he made by his own during the holiday of the Eid.

“While we were playing together in the hills, we were surprised with a group of people that we though they were Palestinians,” one of the youths, who were playing with the murdered youth, revealed to Days of Palestine.

“They told us that they would play with us,” the youth, who preferred to remain unknown, said. “Then, they shot my friend and fled away,” he added.

Palestinian paramedics were immediately sent to the scene of the incident and evacuated the youth to a Palestinian hospital, where he was announced dead.

According to the Palestinian ministry of health, the youth was identified as Iyad Gheith, 23. He is from the city of Al-Khalil.

Spokesman of the Israeli occupation army claimed he shot at the Israeli army, which was searching for weapons in the area and the Israeli soldiers immediately responded to the “threat.”

Meanwhile, his family and friends reiterated that he did not have a real gun and he did not shoot at the Israeli occupation forces.

His friends stressed that there were no official Israeli soldiers, noting that the undercover Israeli forces disguised with Palestinian clothes and after asking to play with them, they shot Gheith and fled away.

The claimed Israeli narrative about the incident dominated mass media because the Israeli and the Palestinian mass media, which is pro-Israel, only were allowed to cover the incident.

About two weeks ago, the Palestinian Authority shut down all the anti-Israeli Palestinian mass media in the occupied West Bank.
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