Days of Palestine

Hundreds of Jewish settlers desecrate holy site in Nablus

Days of Palestine -

Hundreds of extremist Jewish settlers desecrated on Thursday night Islamic holy site in West Bank city of Nablus, local sources reported.

Eyewitnesses said that a large number of Israeli armoured buses dropped the extremist settlers near the Islamic holy site before they desecrated it.

According to the eyewitnesses, tens of the Israeli military jeeps also dropped a large number of Israeli occupation forces in the area to protect the settlers.
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This site, known as the Tomb of Joseph, is an Islamic holy site, but the Israeli occupation settlers have claimed that it referred to one of their Rabbis.

Several archaeological and historical studies proved that it is a Palestinian Islamic site, but the Israeli Jewish settlers insisted it is theirs.

Israeli Jewish settlers adopt this policy –claiming religious link to a certain site in a certain area and increase their existence in it ahead of claiming the ownership of the whole area and building new Jewish settlements.